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Get COVID-19 test corporate pricing by contacting us today. We’ll send our team out to your desired location to provide COVID-19 test for your employees.

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Interested in a mobile COVID-19 testing service for corporate? We send our staff to your desired location!

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Concierge Testing

We will send our staff to your desired location to provide COVID-19 testing so that you can get your business back on track! It will be convenient and time efficient for you and your employees.

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COVID-19 Test Results

Patients love our COVID-19 testing process. It is quick, simple, and easy to register. All you have to do is contact us today and we’ll get you onboard as soon as possible!

Fast & Simple COVID-19 Registration

Receive accurate COVID-19 results from us!

COVID-19 Tests We Offer

Rapid Antigen FIA

This is a nasal swab test that detects the presence of he virus by testing for viral antigens.

Receive COVID-19 test results within 30 minutes. The patient will receive a call from our staff and a digital copy of the results. Patients have the option to choose hard-copy of the results.

Nasal PCR (Varies)

Nasal swab test samples are sent straight to the lab for analyzation. This test is recommended to travelers and has an accuracy rate of 99%. Results are available 24-72 hours. We accept insurance for this test.

Receive accurate and reliable results

Accurate Results ( >95% )

Our experienced staff are trained to perform nasophargyneal swab, which significantly reduces the probability of Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS).

Personalized Communications

As soon as your test results are available, our provider(s) and staff will contact you immediately to discuss the results and address any questions you may have.

Easy Registration

Our user-friendly registration link will allow you to conveniently schedule an appointment and reduce waiting time during check-in.

Concierge COVID-19 Testing

We have hosted numerous on-site COVID-19 testing events for more than 1,000 patients across 10 locations around Orange County. (Note: This requires an early booking and a minimum number of 50 patients.)

Painless, Accurate and Simple COVID-19 Testing

Receive COVID-19 test results to get a peace of mind 

before traveling or visiting a family member.