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Health Screening

A highly recommended and important health screening to check for diseases and health conditions before any symptoms appear. 

Importance of health screenings

What are health screening

Screening test to check for early signs of diseases and health conditions. It is recommended that every person should receive a screening annually to increase their lifespan. Health screenings include physical exams, skin checks, blood pressure, and cholesterol screening, immunizations, and check for STDs.

Annual preventive health care

Cost-effective way to detect diseases and conditions

health screening consists of blood test, physical exam, etc...

Take action and start preventive care today

Enjoy a longer lifespan, happier life, and potentially lower the long-term cost of medical bills by getting started with a simple health screening test.

Health checkup considerations

Find health problems early on to increase the outcome of survival and reduce contracting various diseases.

Simple chart by age and gender explaining health screening considerations

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