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Cancer Screening in Orange County, CA

One-of-a-kind multi-cancer screening test that scans and detects early signs of cancer with just a simple blood draw.

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Introducing Galleri™ - Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

What is Cancer Screening?

Screening for cancer helps you determine if you have cancer before symptoms occur. By detecting cancer early, you have a higher chance to talk with your primary care physician and determine the best steps to eradicate the cancer cell.

With Galleri’s multi-cancer detection test, a simple blood draw can help signal where the cancer is found and suggest next steps to help you prevent and fight cancer. People ages 50 and up have an increased risk of cancer 13 times more than people under age 50.

Galleri test box multi cancer early detection test

Receive results within 2 weeks following blood draw

Includes lab visit and blood draws, consultation, and follow-up visits

Routine screening tests recommended

50+ types of cancers detected

The Galleri® multi-cancer early detection test detects more than 50 types of cancer signals. With a simple blood draw, the Galleri test provides early detection insights that help you and your provider, earlier preparation.

A list of types of cancers detected by Galleri.

Galleri's Information Video

Frequently Asked Questions

The multi-cancer early detection test detects more than 50 types of common cancers through a simple blood draw. Please note that the test does not diagnose cancer and there may be false positive results. Consult with your primary care provider.

Finding cancer early improves the treatment outcomes, survival, and reduces the chance of cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Here at Virtue Medical Group, our latest and newest service provides multi-cancer early detection test. 

The test is recommended for adults with an elevated risk for cancer in age groups of 50 or older. The test does not detect all cancers and is recommended to get tested routinely by your preferred primary care provider.

Screening for cancer helps you take early preventative measures from cancer to occur. It is highly recommended to get screening when you or a loved one has a history of cancer in the family tree.

Test results are available within 2 weeks following your blood draw.

The Galleri test looks for presence of cancer in the patient’s blood. If the cancer is detected, the results would then, point to the location where the cancer originated. This helps your primary care provider and specialist determine the next steps to take.

At Virtue Medical Group, we provide blood draw services for our patients. Simply schedule an appointment at any of our facilities and our staff will assist you with any medical needs.

The content in the following page is intended for educational purposes only. For more information or questions or concerns, please contact your designated primary care physician, or go to Galleri multi-cancer detection website.

The Galleri test does not detect all cancers nor does it measure your genetic risk of developing cancer in the future. It should be used in addition to routine screening tests your healthcare provider recommends.

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