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Weight Loss Management Program

A routine annual physical exam that provides insight on your health. Learn why doctors recommend a routine physical examination for preventive care.

Let our primary care providers
help you with your weight loss

How we can help you lose weight and prevent you from gaining weight

Our weight loss program provides patients with optimal weight loss while maintaining lifestyle happiness and achieve maximum satisfaction throughout your journey. With our combined knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and primary care, we know our patients will maximize their health potentials.

1-on-1 provider and patient consultation

Follow up check-ins with patients to ensure patients are on the right track

Include lab visits, annual physical exams, and laboratory reports

What to expect from our weight loss program

What can you expect from our management program? Our providers will be sure to help you throughout your journey.

1-on-1 provider and patient consultation to review patient’s lifestyle, current diet, and learn more about the patient. The provider will recommend solutions to the patient while maintaining 

Prepare a list of question you’re concerned about and let our provider know about any current medications you are taking.

Our recommended personal trainers combined with our primary care efforts will help you achieve your goal swiftly.

Lost or confused on where to begin? Our providers will set realistic goals for you to achieve. Small goals to big goals to help you achieve optimal weight.

What are the benefits of losing weight with us?

Here at Virtue Medical Group, we work closely with our patients to exceed patient satisfaction. Our goal is to not only help you achieve optimal weight, but to gain the confidence, feel good about your health and body, and improve your mentality.

Achieve Optimal Weight

Gain Confidence

Strengthen Your Mentality

Person exercising by jogging to lose weight

Start your healthy journey today. Our primary care providers
will be with you throughout your journey

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