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Annual Physical Exam

A routine annual physical exam that provides insight on your health. Learn why doctors recommend a routine physical examination for preventive care.


Provider Care

Review medical history, medication and ask the patient for their health concerns.

Patient's health


Our providers will examine your heartbeat, breathing, overall body composition, and muscle health.

Gender Related

Exams & Screening

Gender related exams –
Male prostate exam, Female breast exam, and pelvic exam.

What To Expect - Your Annual Appointment

Our providers will examine your body, wellbeing, and guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

Doctor helping patient

Provider Questions

Our providers may ask for updates to your lifestyle, changes in your health, or questions about mental health, medications, and relationship that may affect your health.

Your Vital Signs

This occurs before you meet our provider. Experienced staff will check your blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. 

Heart holding hands

Preparing For Your Annual Physical Exam

The importance of preparing for your physical examination will give you a peace of mind when you are done with your medical consultation. You will get the most out of your examination when you create a:

  • A list of medications you currently take
  • Your symptoms or pain you are experiencing
  • Any surgical history
  • Results from any medical tests you have received
  • A list of questions you pertaining to your health or medical related

During Your Physical Exam

Our provider will use sterilized tools to provide an accurate analysis. The physical exam includes: 

  • (Optional) Gender related examination: For male patients, the provider will lightly feel your scrotum to check for any growth or abnormalities. For female patients, the provider will lightly feel your breasts for unusual lumps. Pelvic exams may occur upon patient’s request. 
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