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Meet with our provider through a safe and private virtual platform.


Virtual Platform

Remote access to online health care with our providers.

TIme management

Scheduling an Appointment

Our providers are available from 8:30AM – 5:30PM. 


Feature Benefit

For patients with non-emergency health issues that want a quick and convenient medical consultation.

[Personalized 1-On-1 Care ]

How Telemedicine Benefits Our Patients

Infectious Disease Management

Doctors can prescreen patients for any possible infectious disease and reduce the risk of exposure to other patients at the clinic.


Convenient for patients without access to transportation or those with travel difficulties.

Flexible Scheduling

It is easier to fit into your busy schedule. Depending on your schedule, you do not have to take time off from work or arrange for child care.

Privacy and Family Connections

Communicate with a provider 1-on-1 in a private setting. It is also easier to loop family members on the virtual visit if you authorize it.


Patients are not required to drive to the doctor's office or sitting in waiting room when you are feeling unwell.

ZocDoc: Virtual visit platform

  • 1. What is ZocDoc?

    ZocDoc is a convenient and easy to use video consultation platform for patients to see a primary care provider virtually without having to leave the comfort of their home. 

  • 2. Is ZocDoc free for patients?

    New and existing patients can register and book online for free! 

  • 3. Why does Virtue Medical Group use ZocDoc?

    During the pandemic, we wanted to provide the best medical care for our patients without the risk of spreading COVID-19. Fortunately, ZocDoc provides the best online medical consultation tool for our providers to see a patient online. 

Book an appointment via. ZocDoc

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