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Our doctors provide telemedicine by diagnosing and treating patients on a safe and private virtual platform.

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Dr. Vu Tran, MD

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Dr. Kevin Mai, DO

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Remote access to online health care with our providers.

TIme management

Scheduling an Appointment

Our providers are available from 8:30AM – 5:30PM or on ZocDoc.


Telemedicine Benefits

For patients with non-emergency health issues that want a quick and convenient medical consultation.

Benefits of Telemedicine or Telehealth

An extremely convenient and simple feature that allows patients to see our doctors on a virtual platform

Infectious Disease Management

Our providers prescreen patients for any possible infectious disease before making an in-office visit to reduce the risk of exposure to nearby patients.

Privacy or Family Inclusive

Patients communicate with our doctors in a private virtual visit. This feature can also be extremely convenient for family members to join in on the call if the patient allows.


Convenient feature that allows patients to receive online doctor consultation without having to travel to the clinic.

Flexible Scheduling

If a patient cannot make it to their appointment, patients can easily reschedule to a telemedicine appointment instead.

What is a telemedicine and how does it work?

What is telemedicine? Telemedicine or virtual visit is a system that allows patients to set an appointment with a medical expert over the internet through a shared video call. With the aid of a secure video call app, you can connect with medical experts or telenursing from any part of the world (only if they have a telemedicine system in their hospital/clinic).

The telemedicine system helps doctors in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up check-ups of patients even if they’re living in a remote or distant area. Moreover, don’t get yourself confused among telehealth vs. telemedicine because both are different – As telehealth refers broadly to telecommunication and electronic technologies used to provide health care services at a distance. Check out our Telemedicine blog!

ZocDoc - A telemedicine platform

What is Zocdoc and why does Virtue Medical Group use this powerful software? During the COVID-19 pandemic, our doctors were looking for ways to provide care for patients with the safest and most comfortable way. We use Zocdoc as a way for patients to see one of our providers for free! Most patients will need to call in to our office to verify their insurance before scheduling a test through Zocdoc.

Book an appointment with us on ZocDoc

ZocDoc is a free, quick, and easy platform for all patients! It is recommended to those who are struggling with transportation, weakened immune system, or those who have a full-time job looking for quick access to a provider without having to drive to a physical clinic location. 

By clicking the button below, you can schedule an appointment with one of our providers. 

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