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What is Virtual Visit & How Does Telemedicine Work?

If you don’t know about what is virtual visit then keep reading this article, containing much information about the topic. Back in the 1950s, a few healthcare systems and university medical centers tried to find a quick and easy way to share medical information. They thought about sharing images via telephone. In Pennsylvania, the strenuous struggle and enormous efforts of medical experts resulted in the successful transmission of radiologic images via phone. That’s how the concept of telemedicine came into existence and the future of telemedicine is quite bright.

Gradually, telemedicine evolved and a lot of new features introduced in this system. To learn how it works, give this blog a careful read.

What is Virtual Visit or Telemedicine?

What is virtual visits? Virtual visits or telemedicine is a system that allows patients to set an appointment with a medical expert over the internet through a shared video call. With the aid of a secure video call app, you can connect with medical experts or telenursing from any part of the world (only if they have a telemedicine system in their hospital/clinic).

The telemedicine system helps doctors in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up check-ups of patients even if they’re living in a remote or distant area. Moreover, don’t get yourself confused among telehealth vs. telemedicine because both are different – As telehealth refers broadly to telecommunication and electronic technologies used to provide health care services at a distance.

Is Video Visit or Telemedicine really practical?

Telemedicine may sound like a new word to most people. But the reality is that this system is not new, as doctors have been benefitting themselves with telemedicine for years now.


Telemedicine may not have become so common if we didn’t hit by covid19 that made physical interaction forbidden. Social distancing and hospital fully accommodated by coronavirus victims encouraged doctors and other patients to practically imply video visits and telemedicine. It’s not that telemedicine was not practically applied before covid19; it’s just that it was not trusted by many patients. But now it has become a very important part of American health infrastructure.

How does Telemedicine work for patients?

Not every telemedicine system works the same way. That’s because every hospital or clinic is not well-equipped enough. However, a telemedicine system can facilitate you in the following ways:

Telemedicine Patient Portal

As a patient, you can access your doctor or telenursing by logging in on the patient portal. You will use the username and password to use the portal. The doctor might send you your reports via email. You can talk about the reports and further treatment only through your patient portal. Besides the portal, you will have no way to connect with your doctor.

Video Visits or Virtual Appointments?

There are a few doctors, especially psychiatrists, who allow their patients to schedule virtual appointments with them. In this case, your doctor might give you details about their video call app and you will have to use that app/software to connect with your doctor.

Telemedicine Benefits and Challenges

Advantages of Video Visit or Telemedicine

  • Not every hospital is well-equipped enough to help patients with cancer, tumors etc. with the help of telemedicine, every hospital staff can take help from specialists, surgeons etc. in this way early diagnosis and effective treatment can be done.
  • Telemedicine helps in reducing the overall healthcare costs. For instance, while availing of telemedicine, we can save money that may have spent on a typical doctor visit, ER visits etc.
  • Telemedicine is bridging the gap between doctors and patients.

  • Moreover, telemedicine has made it easier for healthcare providers to track their patient’s progress regularly.

Disadvantages of Video Visit or Telemedicine

  •  To practically imply telemedicine, one has to get the necessary pieces of training. Being a doctor or any healthcare expert, you aren’t fit for telemedicine until you learn how to operate technology gadgets involved in telemedicine. You should know how to use a secure video chat app, a webcam etc.
  • Telemedicine has reduced, in fact, eradicated the physical examination. On the other hand, not every medical illness can be diagnosed or treated without physical examination. Such circumstances may lead to a mistaken or prolonged diagnosis.
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